2016 Show Season Options – Planning Calendar

Winter is officially over!  The Omnibus has arrived!

Each year we make up a list of local and regional shows, both recognized and schooling shows, for everyone to consider as you make your plans for the summer.  This is not an complete list, but suggestions based on our past experience, and new shows that sound interesting.  FYI, we have listed all the SMDA affiliated shows, even ones we’ve never been to.

If you are interested in a show that is not on the list, PLEASE speak-up!  We are happy to go anywhere our students and clients want to go.  If you’re thinking about it, someone else probably is too!

Our  intention is to stimulate conversations about what people want to do so that no one gets left out.  If you are thinking about competing this summer, please send us an email with your “Wish List” by the middle of April.  If you want us to transport your horse, or have Tanya or Amy coach you at a show, we need to hear from you soon!  Even if your plans are very tentative, tell us that, we won’t hold you to it!


Download the Planning Calendar as a PDF